Thursday, March 29, 2012


   I've been putting some of gaming time into Skyrim lately when not in World of Warcraft with friends. My character is a Wood Elf Archer with a set of daggers for melee, but I rarely ever need those. Once again, as a repeat of Oblivion, it is looking like I am going to be doing everything there is to do other than the main quest.
   It's this kind of non linear gameplay that I enjoy as I've always been known to just explore and do, well, pretty much nothing in a game. And Elder Scrolls have always been a series where you can get away with that and still do a lot. Before Skyrim came out I tried going back to Oblivion on the Xbox 360 to actually play the story and as I finished the first bit that unlocked the achievement for closing the first Oblivion portal, I had realized, I did just about everything there was to do but the main story. I had all the other achievements for mastering the mage guild, assassins guidl, thieves guild and becoming the arena champion. But I never touched the main story.

   I'm even at the point where I can kill my first Dragon and I have already done so, but have since loaded up a save before that event just to mess around in the world without fear of more Dragons hunting me down. But also because I am just enjoying exploring the world doing some minor quests to clear a cavern or bandit hideaway. But mostly I have just been hunting Deer, Elks, Wolves and Sabre Cats.

   But most recently I killed my first Frost Troll. That's where I felt immediately like I was like Legolas.  Loosing arrow after arrow into the Troll, first one then another before he finally spotted me and came charging forward. Three more sent as the creature closes in, he takes a swing bruising my face. Another arrow sent into one of his eyes, sending him on the retreat, hiding behind the closest pillar as his regeneration is working full tilt. I round the corner arrow drawn ready to send into his chest as he lunges at me from out of the corner, the both of us hitting our targets. I am nearly done for, he makes another swing and I dodge to the right and immediately fire another arrow into the side of his neck knocking him down to his knees. I was victorious as I stood over him watching him breath his last few breaths as I end his suffering with an arrow through the back of his neck severing his spine. It was this moment that made me feel like a true archer badass like Legolas.

   It kind of makes me want to watch Lord of the Rings again.

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