Thursday, May 31, 2012

What it would take for me to quit World of Warcraft?

This was the title of one of WoW Insider's recent Daily Queues and it got me thinking. What exactly would it take for me to quit World of Warcraft and to the point where I wouldn't return.

   Well, I actually have quit World of Warcraft for about a year or more at some point when my computer stopped working. I just got lazy about it and didn't care to do anything to fix it. It was a nice change as I actually played through the Xbox 360 games that I pick up. I actually did not miss it. I had friends constantly asking if I ever would come back, and I said, probably not. But then news about Star Wars The Old Republic  actually getting a release date pushed me to actually look at fixing my computer. And even when it was up and running again I didn't care to go back to World of Warcraft.

   It wasn't until my friends from Washington came down and visited that I realized it wasn't World of Warcraft that I missed, but it was my friends. Our main communication is through Ventrilo and it was mainly World of Warcraft that we played together. After they went back to Washington I went ahead and resubscribed, barely playing any of it at all, but it was there. It wasn't till we started playing on our characters that were referred to by us as the Lowbie Group that I got back heavily into World of Warcraft.

   So, after this long story, it's kind of easy to tell what it would take for me to quit World of Warcraft. My friends quitting with me. Which would mean there was something else for us all to move on to. That wasn't Star Wars The Old Republic. A game which would have had the highest chance of being the game after World of Warcraft. Except for the fact it felt too much like a single player game with no end-game for one of my Washington friends and a game whose computer the other couldn't really run. And sadly, it's a game that I wish I played more, a game that I constantly hover my mouse pointer over but never double-click on because I'd rather do something with my friends. Which at this point is World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. So until there is a game that we can all move on to together, I probably won't be quitting World of Warcraft.


THE WORLD.... OF WARCRAFT has been telling me for the past couple weeks now, that I need to get my Hunter to 85. How so do you ask?
 This is how so.

Rare tameables. I've seen Ban'thalos a few times before. I'm always seeing the giant spiders doing my Firelands dailies. There is also that rare spawn Jadefang that isn't exclusively for taming but is a GREEN Shale Spider that I want because, well, I like green. I keep seeing these guys pop up. But just an hour ago while doing the fireland dailies for Cearra, I saw both of these guys. BOTH! I get it World of Warcraft, I get it, It's time I level up my hunter to 85.

Also, come Mists of Pandaria, the first alt that gets the 90 treatment will be my Hunter so I don't have to miss out on any Rare tameables like I have for Cataclysm.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 20 – If this was your last day playing WoW, what would you do?

Finally. This has been the longest "20 days" EVAR! Anyways, this is a quick one because truth is if I get to the point where I am quitting World of Warcraft and know for sure I won't be coming back, then there's nothing I really care to do. Only thing for me to do is, if my friends are still playing, distribute my goods. Hand out my gold and junk they can use and basically hand over our little friendly guild. I wouldn't really care to do anything else.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 19 – In your bags/bank

Oh my... I guess it's time to try and finish this 20 days of blogging that definitely was NOT done in 20 days.

In short, my inventory is filled with junk. Various crafting materials, sets of gear for alternate specs and transmog and odd fluff items such as holidy items, archaeology items and other random pieces that do little things. Occeleta is the worse of them all as she has been my main from the get go, is my achievement hunter and is the one I always pick up items for like from the TCG. Overall it's always been such a clutter and every now and then I have to do some serious "spring cleaning". I'm a hoarder.

Blizzard hacked you say?

I know I know, this is old news by now. 2 days is old? Well for something as big and serious as this, yeah. Diablo 3 is a new game with millions upon millions of people AT RISK. I just missed the news when it was first mentioned. But there's a good compilation of what's been going on about this over at Altos Goldish Advice.
Also, there is the IGN Daily Fix, skip to 1:10 for Blizzards word on the Hack. Still, I suggest checking out this Blue Post for what you can do to maybe sorta help protect yourself. So, sad I am adding "maybe sorta" to that based on the fact that people are reporting being hacked with Authenticators.

Anyways, with this news, I honestly feel it might not be such a great idea to jump in on the RMAH whenever they introduce it. It's bad enough that credit card information is at risk, I would not want to risk any other accounts tied to my moneys. I was thinking on passing on the RMAH anyways and wait and see how it works out.

Monday, May 21, 2012

WoW Roleplay Gear

   I was just taking a look at my stats and views and  noticed I had an influx of page views following the WoW Factor Transmog event on my server. I figured it was from when I posted a comment on Disenchanting Azeroth. But after seriously looking at it all I found that  the awesome folks at WoW Roleplay Gear had given me a nod and even through my Mage on their Scarlet Crusade Alliance Follow-up post. I feel especially delighted to have been noticed and thank them for their act of awesomeness. The event was a fun time for all.

   In other news, Keelhaul is retiring. Tis a shame as I just discovered him and his work through this event. I've enjoyed going back through everything he's done for the WoW community. But I just have to say good luck to him and his RL.

My Transmog: Stormwind City Guard

   Yeah, I know. It's been done. This is my blog though, so if I want to share my overdone Stormwind City Gaurd Transmog set, I will. It strays slightly, but I have my reasons for doing so. Obviously we start with the Imperial Plate set.

   Now, the first problem is that there are no gloves for this set. Really Blizzard? Anyways, after looking around I went with the suggestion for the [Jouster's Gauntlets]. Second problem is the Imperial Plate Belt just does not play well with this set and completely clashes, I decided to use both the [Jouster's Girdle] and [Jouster's Greaves]. This way your eyes aren't immediately drawn straight to the gloves and sort of ties the set together. Then of course there is the [Knight's Colors]. Yeah I know there's a Stormwind Tabard out there that has more detail and whatnot. I'm going with the Knight's Colors because the colors are muted and mesh better with the set as a whole and doesn't completely take over the set like the Stormwind Tabard.

   All in all, there's always work to be done with sets like this that are missing clear cut winners for certain pieces. So until I find some better gloves, the Jouster pieces remain. Also, it would be nice to see a better set of shoulders. Anyways, onto the pics.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


It may have reached double digits, but I hope it didn't. But I saw this a few times on Diablo. I've died before but this was the most frustrating of deaths. I ended up beating him, but after i spent 40k in gold to upgrade my gear and add quite a bit of Vitality. Anyways, on to Nightmare difficulty.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3 Peak time issues.

So I've been playing pretty much all day off and on, haven't had any issues. Until about an hour ago. It's basically the peak time when everyone is off work home from school and all wanting to play. So all i can say is at least I had time in the day to get some Diablo 3 in. I got my Demon Hunter to level 16 and have so far enjoyed playing with a different set of skills than what I've gotten used to the the Beta Demo. Right now I am rolling with  the Grenades(unruned so far), Impale with the 2 second bleed, the unruned Shadow Power that allows you to absorb 20% damage as health and Vault with the rune that has you shoot while vaulting. Ya know, this is easier.
 Demon Hunter as of 6:41pm 5/16/12

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Error 37

The servers are busy at the moment. Please try again later.

You will see this a lot at this time. You have to think, there are several million players trying to log on at the same time at 12:01am PDT. I am seeing this error a lot. Then there's the tease moment where it doesn't immediately give you this error so you think you might get in, followed by Error 3006: The request has timed out.

Don't give up folks, keep trying. Also, if you get in, it might hit a slag at the character creation. At this time, DO NOT hit BACK. As it sends you to the log in screen to start all over. This is my hell. I should go to bed.

UPDATE: 50 minutes later, I've given up. Now it's time for bed. Goodnight folks and good luck.

Monday, May 14, 2012

T minus 150 minutes

Diablo 3. It's almost upon us. I got home for work today to do what i've should have done this weekend but found out that it apparantly wasn't available to do till this morning anyways. Pre-Installation. The download didn't take too long and neither did the Installation. Thankfully I had zero of the problems I've been reading others have had. Anyways, once the install was complete I was treated to a glorious but evil thing. The PLAY button was clickable. Could it be, could it be running now? No, just no. You can load up the game and watch the cinematic only to be treated with the login screen that leads nowhere. So now.... I wait.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Wow Factor

Just hit Scarlet Crusade and I participated. I even had the chance to get valuable tips. Most of which I knew about and was in the process of getting it done, albeit very slowly thanks to some Alt leveling. But without further ado, my 2 1,000 gold prize winners are Occeleta and Cearra. Oops, time for a break.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3

If you're living under a rock you've missed the news of a new Assassin's Creed journey now that the story of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. And this past week after a little marketing ploy which has been working for Ubisoft in the same manner they have been unlocking night/day versions of the Multiplayer maps, they have released a new game play trailer. And it's gonna be legen-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More D!

There's another video for the upcoming Tenacious D release next week. The Roadie. And it's getting me more and more pumped for Rize of the Fenix!

Also, in Diablo 3 news Launch Day Preparation Guide.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 15 is going to be the best day EVVAAARRR!

    First, as those of you should know, because Diablo III will finally be released. For those of us with the Annual Pass, it means we can start playing as soon as Blizzard says go as long as you are smart enough to pre-download the client. But no, that's not all, there's a second reason May 15 is going to be the best day EVAAARRR! It's also the day Tenacious D release their new album. I am so looking forward to more D.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creepy Crawlers Super Oven eh?

I remember when this first came out and I just had to have one. It was awesome. And when I got it for my Birthday from my Grandparents it was the best gift ever (at the time). Only after all the goo was used up it went into the closet never to be seen again. Tis a shame too because it was SUPER!