Friday, May 11, 2012

The Wow Factor

Just hit Scarlet Crusade and I participated. I even had the chance to get valuable tips. Most of which I knew about and was in the process of getting it done, albeit very slowly thanks to some Alt leveling. But without further ado, my 2 1,000 gold prize winners are Occeleta and Cearra. Oops, time for a break.
   Occeleta there is rocking the Scouting Garb set with a few alterations. Bandit Gloves, Shoulderpads of Assassination and Cursed Vision of Sargeras. The daggers  are transmogged Wfrom the Dreadblade and I knew from the get go that it would be the weakest link. I've been keeping my eye on the AH for the Stealthblade which is a Trash Drop in Sunken Temple. One thing I learned from this is that everything is critiqued like the enchant. Should another event like this ever happen, I will know what to leave out. But hey, this is what I wear all the time, so enchants stay. Next time though, i'll buy cheap daggers to transmog and model. Even slight color changes in the gear make or break the transmog. Overall I love the simplicity of my set and am happy to have seen out of everyone that showed up tonight that I was kind of unique. Just not EXTRAORDINARILY UNIQUE!
   Cearra is pretty much 100% what they termed a Recipe set. Pieces designed by Blizzards art department to be together regardless of means of acquiring. She is rolling with the Gateshattering Battleplate (Recolor) set that is grabbed from Hyjal questing. I had seen someone in Stormwind with the shoulders, and I loved the coloring and the detail, so I looked up and conveniently was still leveling up in Hyjal so I kept my eye out for each piece. And somewhere down the line of leveling Cearra I had decided she will always be wielding a Ninja/Samurai Sword. I have probably 6 different ones in her bank. Here she is using Archaic Defender x2 which looks pretty bad ass strapped to the back. I loved the comment they had on her being straight from the Mists of Pandaria Beta because of the Katana style swords. And while being a Recipe set, the whole look with the Katanas was good enough for 1,000 gold, so color me proud.

   Now it was fun listening to the guys talk about everything. They gave some good information on what  to focus on and I got a good idea at what they like. One big thing is that they love mixing and matching pieces. It's one thing to get a tier set and/or other recipe set. So even after getting 1,000g prize on two characters, I got greedy and hopped on Fragil, my Gnome Mage and one part of our little grouped known as The Characters Formerly Known As Lowbies. He is nothing but a hodge podge and mix and match of gear focused on one theme. Green. I jumped around, blinked and danced for them, but I knew he wasn't worthy. I just was seeing if they'd take notice of him at all, but they didn't, but it sure was funny seeing him dancing in the background of the stream. Anyways, here he is in all his Green Glory.

Big thanks to the guys at The WoW Factor Show and Disenchanting Azeroth for all the tips they gave and for holding this event.It was a blast and a learning experience Much appreciation to them giving time afterwards as well. I will leave you all with a plethora of screens to peruse.


  1. Congrats on your winnings and lots of good pics too :)

  2. Grats on your win! Cursed vision of Sargeras is something I would LOVE to have. Your pics of the event were awesome :)
    LOL Cym, fancy seeing you here /grin