Thursday, May 31, 2012

What it would take for me to quit World of Warcraft?

This was the title of one of WoW Insider's recent Daily Queues and it got me thinking. What exactly would it take for me to quit World of Warcraft and to the point where I wouldn't return.

   Well, I actually have quit World of Warcraft for about a year or more at some point when my computer stopped working. I just got lazy about it and didn't care to do anything to fix it. It was a nice change as I actually played through the Xbox 360 games that I pick up. I actually did not miss it. I had friends constantly asking if I ever would come back, and I said, probably not. But then news about Star Wars The Old Republic  actually getting a release date pushed me to actually look at fixing my computer. And even when it was up and running again I didn't care to go back to World of Warcraft.

   It wasn't until my friends from Washington came down and visited that I realized it wasn't World of Warcraft that I missed, but it was my friends. Our main communication is through Ventrilo and it was mainly World of Warcraft that we played together. After they went back to Washington I went ahead and resubscribed, barely playing any of it at all, but it was there. It wasn't till we started playing on our characters that were referred to by us as the Lowbie Group that I got back heavily into World of Warcraft.

   So, after this long story, it's kind of easy to tell what it would take for me to quit World of Warcraft. My friends quitting with me. Which would mean there was something else for us all to move on to. That wasn't Star Wars The Old Republic. A game which would have had the highest chance of being the game after World of Warcraft. Except for the fact it felt too much like a single player game with no end-game for one of my Washington friends and a game whose computer the other couldn't really run. And sadly, it's a game that I wish I played more, a game that I constantly hover my mouse pointer over but never double-click on because I'd rather do something with my friends. Which at this point is World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. So until there is a game that we can all move on to together, I probably won't be quitting World of Warcraft.

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