Monday, May 21, 2012

WoW Roleplay Gear

   I was just taking a look at my stats and views and  noticed I had an influx of page views following the WoW Factor Transmog event on my server. I figured it was from when I posted a comment on Disenchanting Azeroth. But after seriously looking at it all I found that  the awesome folks at WoW Roleplay Gear had given me a nod and even through my Mage on their Scarlet Crusade Alliance Follow-up post. I feel especially delighted to have been noticed and thank them for their act of awesomeness. The event was a fun time for all.

   In other news, Keelhaul is retiring. Tis a shame as I just discovered him and his work through this event. I've enjoyed going back through everything he's done for the WoW community. But I just have to say good luck to him and his RL.

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