Friday, October 26, 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

And quite literally as I have been leveling my panda monk. So quite often you'd find me jumping onto some object and /dance. Also the fact that I went Brewmaster I am also constantly shuffling for that extra Parry. There's also the Gift of the Ox passive that drops free healing balls as I do damage. So in those few times where I actually do take damage because Guard isn't up, I am shuffling left and right picking those up.

So how do I like the Monk so far? Well I am loving it, to be more specific, I love the tanking. I knew when I first heard about it that I was going Brewmaster. And leveling as a Brewmaster has been awesome. So much so that when I had intended on Mistweaving through some dungeons while leveling. That just never happened, putting all that caster leather heirloom gear to waste.

Leveling with heirloom is fast, leveling a monk with heirloom is insanely fast. At level 20 when you can get an Enlightenment buff increasing xp gains by 50% for an hour. After a quest at 20 that grants this buff you can do it again as a daily and also getting a new quest every ten levels. There is bug with the buff that refreshes it to 2 hours if you do the quest while you already have the buff. So at one point I had 5 hours of the buff. And trust me it helps. I managed 60-66 in less than 3 hours as well as 80-83 thanks to this buff.

As of late last night I am 85. I would have been there sooner but I took a break the other night. I quickly stepped into Pandaria to get a feel for it and it's going to be a breeze. Mostly due to having crafted Misthide armor to start with and having the Spear of Xuen from Archaeology. Having a weapon with level 90 stats at 85 is awesome.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Goals to date.

Get my main Rogue to 90 = COMPLETED

Get all guild professions to 600 for Leg Heirloom gear = COMPLETED

Get guild to level 20 for Head Heirloom gear = COMPLETED

Get various factions on my main Rogue up through Dailies = IN PROGRESS

Power level my Monk = IN PROGRESS

Level my Warrior and other Alts = ON HOLD

Get our Guild to level 25 = PASSIVELY IN PROGRESS

Get 55 factions to Exalted in our guild for the Dark Phoenix Hatchling = PASSIVELY IN PROGRESS

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Rogue in MoP

I've wanted to talk a lot more about Mists of Pandaria. But the truth of it is, when at computer, I'm going to be playing the game and not doing much else, which includes keeping up this blog.

So let's start from the beginning. I started with my Rogue and progressed rather nicely with her. One thing that was a must was keeping up Recuperate and Slice and Dice at all times meaning using the glyph to refresh them when killing mobs. This allowed me to only need to turn them on once in a blue moon and focus on damaging finishers.

Unfortunately one thing I've noticed as I leveled her up and especially now at 90 doing dailies is that she became more and more energy starved. This is a fact that is coming up around the internetz and something that is difficult to do is avoid comparing them to the Monk. They are both energy users with a point building system. With key differences being that the points are stored on the monk as opposed to on the mobs and that rogues have to spend their energy both on the generators AND the finishers while monks don't have to spend energy on their chi abilities. This makes the monk a more active class as on my Rogue, after the first 8 seconds of a fight, I am just sitting there stabby stabby with my auto attacks while I wait for energy.

I really hope Blizzard does something about this. Initial thoughts are too remove the energy costs on finishers but if you look at the various articles and forum posts on the subject you might find that may make the rogue too OP. Their damage at the moment are through all the various DoTs give them tons of passive damage. While monks rely on the energy free chi moves for their damage.

So this is why they aren't making the Rogues finishers energy free as they generally hit hard. If they did so they'd have to nerf them and/or all the passive damage. One start I think would be okay though is to remove energy costs from the non damaging and utility abilities.

This is just my thoughts on this, I'm no theorycrafter, I just play the game and notice things that work and don't. And simply put something does need to be done about it because I'm getting frustrated with my rogue after the first half of a fight.

Funny how this post turned into what it became, I was only planning on talking about what I have been doing with MoP in general including all my characters. Guess I had to vent/rant about the Rogue energy issue.

EDIT: Here are some links now that I am home that have I guess inspired this post.
Why we are energy starved.
Wow Insider: Encrypted Text

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best In-game gift evaaarr.

   To sum up,  my buddy had managed to find a [Teebu's Blazing Longsword] on the Auction House for relatively cheap. I hadn't known about it until he mentioned that he couldn't flip it so he's just gonna keep it for himself. At this point I looked it up and saw with eyes wide and jaw dropped that this would go perfect with the Transmog set I was building. And thus we have the beginning of my incessant nagging for this sword. I gave him a serious offer for it, but then an ongoing joke ensued in which my offers got lower, instead of higher. At one point the offer was to take the item off his hands along with all his gold and his Priest, so I wouldn't have to level one.

   Now, I knew he wouldn't give it up, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to stay quiet. So I kept sporadically bringing it up, all the meanwhile constantly checking the AH for another. I couldn't find it, that is for sure since this thing is super rare, but it's perfect for what I was going for. At some point I got his wife to occasionally "push" him to give it to me. Well here we are, the day after my Birthday and guess what, he finally came through, realizing that I seriously want this thing, and maybe a little of wanting the nagging to stop, but mainly just being one of my best friends evar.

   So thank you Darraxus, you can trust that this is not going to waste and will be used as much as possible. And sadly even maybe at the cost of an upgrade.

Also: I was showing off this set to his wife in Stormwind on one of the towers in the canal, too in awe of my awesomeness I wasn't watching my step and just walked right off the edge.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MoP Impressions and Goals

First off, I am very impressed. I have enjoyed Mists of Pandaria every moment of the way. It's even inspired several blog ideas that you should hopefully be seeing over the next couple days. Something to be said for that when I've recently become lazy with the blogging.

Questing: Has been enjoyable thanks to the minor storytelling mechanics such as the NPCs being more involved as companions and their various conversations. The addition of a few more cinematics have been a plus as well. However sometimes the quests felt like they lacked flow and were a bit disjointed. If it weren't for the breadcrumb quests and/or the random exclamation mark on the map, I wouldn't have known about a quest hub or two.

Dungeons: I unfortunately can't say too much about dungeons. I have to this point only ran three of the four regular dungeons. I'm not saying I didn't like them, I actually enjoyed them and loved some of the bosses. I just had bad luck with queuing up for them. As dps I had 40 minute waits and by the time the queue popped I was busy with something. I hope to run more soon after I take care of a few things.

Misc: Rare spawns have been one of my favorite things so far. I like what they did with the cooking and have been engrossed with the farming. Damn you FarmVille, errrr, I mean Tillers. Archaeology was good and much easier, I've got all 4 of the Pandaria rares already. And the fact there is no shortage of things to do at level 90, from the Tillers to Cloud Serpents and the Anglers to name a few.

Now that is all said and done lets talk about my goals for Pandaria. I went into with only one goal in mind, to get my Rogue to level 89 for Brewfest. I wanted to run Coren Direbrew for the trinkets and the Bottle Shank, forgetting name. And that goal was achieved Saturday, it would have been done sooner had I not been distracted with Archaeology a few times.

But a new goal has come about when I was looking at the various potential Guild Rewards. I discovered the heirloom Leg pieces are not associated with guild level but with achievement of getting all professions to 600. So that is what I've been working on. Mining and herbalism obviously a cakewalk. Alchemy, Inscription and enchanting got maxed out fairly quick. Once I hit 90 Archaeology was quick to finish. After a bit of fishing last night and some iron paw trade-ins, fishing and cooking got completed. That leaves Tailoring, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and Engineering. Engineering and Jewelcrafting are almost done. Blacksmithing hasn't even been touched yet. And Leatherworking an Tailoring are sort of at a stand still as I need to do some questing with tho characters to get to the necessary zones for progression.

Once this is done I will likely hit up my Monk depending on where the Guild is at. We are currently at Guild Level 17 but have been making great progress since the guild experience changes. If we are close my next goal before playing the Monk just might be focusing on getting to Guild level 20 for the Head piece heirlooms.