Friday, October 12, 2012

My Rogue in MoP

I've wanted to talk a lot more about Mists of Pandaria. But the truth of it is, when at computer, I'm going to be playing the game and not doing much else, which includes keeping up this blog.

So let's start from the beginning. I started with my Rogue and progressed rather nicely with her. One thing that was a must was keeping up Recuperate and Slice and Dice at all times meaning using the glyph to refresh them when killing mobs. This allowed me to only need to turn them on once in a blue moon and focus on damaging finishers.

Unfortunately one thing I've noticed as I leveled her up and especially now at 90 doing dailies is that she became more and more energy starved. This is a fact that is coming up around the internetz and something that is difficult to do is avoid comparing them to the Monk. They are both energy users with a point building system. With key differences being that the points are stored on the monk as opposed to on the mobs and that rogues have to spend their energy both on the generators AND the finishers while monks don't have to spend energy on their chi abilities. This makes the monk a more active class as on my Rogue, after the first 8 seconds of a fight, I am just sitting there stabby stabby with my auto attacks while I wait for energy.

I really hope Blizzard does something about this. Initial thoughts are too remove the energy costs on finishers but if you look at the various articles and forum posts on the subject you might find that may make the rogue too OP. Their damage at the moment are through all the various DoTs give them tons of passive damage. While monks rely on the energy free chi moves for their damage.

So this is why they aren't making the Rogues finishers energy free as they generally hit hard. If they did so they'd have to nerf them and/or all the passive damage. One start I think would be okay though is to remove energy costs from the non damaging and utility abilities.

This is just my thoughts on this, I'm no theorycrafter, I just play the game and notice things that work and don't. And simply put something does need to be done about it because I'm getting frustrated with my rogue after the first half of a fight.

Funny how this post turned into what it became, I was only planning on talking about what I have been doing with MoP in general including all my characters. Guess I had to vent/rant about the Rogue energy issue.

EDIT: Here are some links now that I am home that have I guess inspired this post.
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