Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best In-game gift evaaarr.

   To sum up,  my buddy had managed to find a [Teebu's Blazing Longsword] on the Auction House for relatively cheap. I hadn't known about it until he mentioned that he couldn't flip it so he's just gonna keep it for himself. At this point I looked it up and saw with eyes wide and jaw dropped that this would go perfect with the Transmog set I was building. And thus we have the beginning of my incessant nagging for this sword. I gave him a serious offer for it, but then an ongoing joke ensued in which my offers got lower, instead of higher. At one point the offer was to take the item off his hands along with all his gold and his Priest, so I wouldn't have to level one.

   Now, I knew he wouldn't give it up, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to stay quiet. So I kept sporadically bringing it up, all the meanwhile constantly checking the AH for another. I couldn't find it, that is for sure since this thing is super rare, but it's perfect for what I was going for. At some point I got his wife to occasionally "push" him to give it to me. Well here we are, the day after my Birthday and guess what, he finally came through, realizing that I seriously want this thing, and maybe a little of wanting the nagging to stop, but mainly just being one of my best friends evar.

   So thank you Darraxus, you can trust that this is not going to waste and will be used as much as possible. And sadly even maybe at the cost of an upgrade.

Also: I was showing off this set to his wife in Stormwind on one of the towers in the canal, too in awe of my awesomeness I wasn't watching my step and just walked right off the edge.

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