Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MoP Impressions and Goals

First off, I am very impressed. I have enjoyed Mists of Pandaria every moment of the way. It's even inspired several blog ideas that you should hopefully be seeing over the next couple days. Something to be said for that when I've recently become lazy with the blogging.

Questing: Has been enjoyable thanks to the minor storytelling mechanics such as the NPCs being more involved as companions and their various conversations. The addition of a few more cinematics have been a plus as well. However sometimes the quests felt like they lacked flow and were a bit disjointed. If it weren't for the breadcrumb quests and/or the random exclamation mark on the map, I wouldn't have known about a quest hub or two.

Dungeons: I unfortunately can't say too much about dungeons. I have to this point only ran three of the four regular dungeons. I'm not saying I didn't like them, I actually enjoyed them and loved some of the bosses. I just had bad luck with queuing up for them. As dps I had 40 minute waits and by the time the queue popped I was busy with something. I hope to run more soon after I take care of a few things.

Misc: Rare spawns have been one of my favorite things so far. I like what they did with the cooking and have been engrossed with the farming. Damn you FarmVille, errrr, I mean Tillers. Archaeology was good and much easier, I've got all 4 of the Pandaria rares already. And the fact there is no shortage of things to do at level 90, from the Tillers to Cloud Serpents and the Anglers to name a few.

Now that is all said and done lets talk about my goals for Pandaria. I went into with only one goal in mind, to get my Rogue to level 89 for Brewfest. I wanted to run Coren Direbrew for the trinkets and the Bottle Shank, forgetting name. And that goal was achieved Saturday, it would have been done sooner had I not been distracted with Archaeology a few times.

But a new goal has come about when I was looking at the various potential Guild Rewards. I discovered the heirloom Leg pieces are not associated with guild level but with achievement of getting all professions to 600. So that is what I've been working on. Mining and herbalism obviously a cakewalk. Alchemy, Inscription and enchanting got maxed out fairly quick. Once I hit 90 Archaeology was quick to finish. After a bit of fishing last night and some iron paw trade-ins, fishing and cooking got completed. That leaves Tailoring, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and Engineering. Engineering and Jewelcrafting are almost done. Blacksmithing hasn't even been touched yet. And Leatherworking an Tailoring are sort of at a stand still as I need to do some questing with tho characters to get to the necessary zones for progression.

Once this is done I will likely hit up my Monk depending on where the Guild is at. We are currently at Guild Level 17 but have been making great progress since the guild experience changes. If we are close my next goal before playing the Monk just might be focusing on getting to Guild level 20 for the Head piece heirlooms.

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