Monday, July 30, 2012

DayZ: Lucky Find

   This weekend was mixed. Both DayZ and World of Warcraft was to be had. Let's start with DayZ. Last we left off, we were in the forest North of Cherno. We decided to log in and play with our group of guys. When I log in, some were in Cherno, others were heading toward. Darraxus and I just kept eyes on our guys in town. At one point one of our guys in there tells us he's logging out, he just met a player with an assault rifle that told him to disconnect or die, so he disconnected. Gotta say, that is more than most folks get.

   Moving forward, the guy heading toward Cherno from the east are closing in, so we decide to head up and meet him, while waiting on the tree line we see a survivor and after finding out it's not our guy, I decide to light him up. We hit him a few times but he escapes towards a barn, we can't see him, but our guy from the east is finally here and spots him getting eaten by Zombies. Now, this barn was special, not for what was in it, junk, but for the random ass camping tent just outside. It was a freakin sniper kit. AS50, ghillie suit, NVG's and other shit, I picked up the ghillie suit, several rounds for my AKM which was a waste of time. Because our buddy from the east had a DMR that he gave to me once he picked up the AS50, he then later gave me the NVG's since they can be used with the DMR.

   Seriously, how lucky can I get. After having spent hours upon hours over the course of a few days crawling around with a broken leg, I come out of the Cherno area with a friggin Sniper kit. This seems like its too good to be true and it also seems like a lot of responsibility. I don't want to lose the shit. And I probably will.

   Afterwards I switched it up to World of Warcraft and had concentrated on my Warrior Cearra. I decided to change up my Purple Judgement set. I've found that I rather like the Tier 4 set, so I soloed through Karazhan picking up the Head piece. Then after failing on trying to solo Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon, I ended up  running Regular randoms for the Justice Points, then the Hour of Twilight for the Valor and Justice Points.I have just a few more pieces to collect before its done.

   But I'm also working on my Tanking Set. Which needs some work apparantly, as well as my ability to tank. We tried some Hour of Twilight, but it just wasn't happening with me as a tank. So I switched back to DPS while Darraxus came in and saved the day on his warrior. Tis a shame too, because he wants to run other characters through those but no one else out of us is really geared to tank it. We as a small dungeons group is a Work In Progress as far as flexibility goes.

It's DayZ video time

Also, check out YouTuber BlueXephos for a variety of Minecraft and DayZ videos. Especially the DayZ ones. They make me wish I had a guardian angel in a ghillie suit with a silenced weapon.

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