Saturday, July 28, 2012

DayZ: I feel cheated.

   OK. So Past couple days that I've been playing DayZ has been spent crawling around with a broken leg. Well, I can say that problem has been remedied. After a failed attempt to meet up with a buddy at Kamenka and another south of Stary Sobor, I finally managed to make my way into Cherno and get the Morphine needed.

   But Fettsbounty, how is it you feel cheated? Well, I didn't crawl all the way down to Cherno. I logged into a server and it appeared to be hacked. Once loaded in, It gave me the YOU ARE DEAD! screen. But then right after it loaded me into Stary Sobor anyways. Only it was night and I can hear a female character and male character breathing heavy and moaning....

...OH SHIT. As I type this it sounds like my character was getting laid, way to go dude. Anyways, I see a silhouette of a helicopter and even see the UH-1H Nametag. But I can't move or do anything. So I disconnect and find a new server with some day time. When I log in, Im on the coast by the Lighthouse in between Cherno and Elektro with all my gear and broken leg. So there it is, while honestly a stroke of luck, I feel like it was cheating. But whatever, wasn't my fault what can I do?

   So I hit up Cherno, this time more confident having done this exact crawl before. Only this time I know where shit is and can avoid certain disaster as there are gunshots all over. And even a Survivor running around in front of me. I recognize his tactic as a quick in and out run. He just spawned on the coast and he doesn't care about the train of zombies as I watch him run across the field in the direction of the Fire Station and Supermarket. I let him be, I just have one mission and that is get to the military tents in front of the outskirt Hospital and get out.

   All in all I would venture to guess i've put in about 4-5 hours into DayZ the past couple times i've played and its all been crawling around in circles. But my goal has been reached and I am healed, hallelujah, and well stocked with meds. Afterwards I meet up with my buddy Darraxus and now we wait for the next chapter of our Adventure. We are likely gonna skip across fields, holding hands and picking flowers while we let his wife do all the work and kill zombies for us with her new MP5SD6 that he picked up for her.

Also, FRANKIEonPCin1080p, I've been subscribed to him for a while for various FPS videos he does. But he's getting into DayZ and after watching  the following video in which he spawns in and takes on several snipers right off...

... I end up having a dream where, I was living DayZ with what seemed to be more like a Battlefield 3 type setting instead. In this dream I end up taking on a group, snipers and whatnot. I take them out and loot them, and it's night, I manage to take out one who had NVG's. Then  bus pulls up and it's this groups clan and they are all looking for me while taking out all the zombies. It was, pretty awesome dream. To bad I can't play as well as I did in my dream. Oh and I was crawling everywhere too. Not because of a broken leg, just you know, I had like a dozen guys looking for me.

Also also, I've already linked Acebane21 before as one of the DayZ YouTubers I been watching. He doesn't have Let's Play videos like everyone else but instead is focusing on clips of the entertaining stuff. And it is entertaining and I've finally gotten around to watching more of his videos and I just had to share this one. His reaction in it is great.

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