Monday, July 2, 2012

DayZ have your attention now?

It's awesome, I don't blame you. The stories that come out of the game are amazing. Forget the movies, forget the books, play the Zombie Apocalypse for yourself and see how you fare. But first, here are some helpful resources I've found very helpful.

Index of Helpful Threads and within this index, a must view thread is the Gear/Inventory thread that explains one of the most confusing parts of this game for beginners.

A Chernarus Map is a big thing to get familiar with. There is an in game map, but you need to find it first, something i've never done yet. Some of the maps are basic while there are a few with possible loots spots and their building types. Choose what fits you.

Now, here is something from sacriel42 I wish I had found a lot earlier. A very informative Basics video. Definitely a must watch for beginners. It's nice seeing what is being done as he explains it.

Now you're familiar with the basics. Where do you go? Where is the good stuff? Let sacriel42 once again show you.

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