Thursday, July 5, 2012

A DayZ Fourth of July

After waking up after lunch I spent early afternoon watching DayZ videos. Afraid to play the game because we as a group decided to wait till we can all play together. So last we actually played was 4 maybe 5 days ago and I've been itching to play more and more after each video. Occasionally I would log on and check the construction building I am in for goodies. Well this time, after too much waiting I urged Kev to run through the Chernogorsk with me for a quick scavenge. We were doing alright, heading out with Hatchets, Kev found a Makarov. Then we made it to an apartment building where we found a fresh survivor. I made the call to let him live after failing to get a response in direct communication. I really do not want to be that guy that kills on sight. I have hopes for a game where players will help players. So we check the rooms and get to whatever goodies before he could. I never let him out of my sight though.

I watched as he hit the market across the street at which point I pointed out there were hatchets over there and told Kev we need to keep an eye on him. But, he never picked one up, I saw him stop at a few other loot points, but not once did he stop at the hatchets. Then he ran off, I felt it was peculiar, but decided to let it go. Next thing I know I hear a shot fire. Kev shot at someone who came around with a gun. Then more shots were fired and Kev is down. I head down stairs and see the other guy is bleeding and he shoots me, I'm down but not out. Hourglass is draining and I'm watching this guy as he is looting Kev, but sadly when I came to I finally bit the bullet after a valiant effort to hatchet him in the face.

Several questions running through my head at this point. Was it the same guy? Did he find a gun and is that why he passed on the hatchets? Did he come back to shoot us? Would he have shot us if Kev didn't shoot first? Should I just blatantly murder people because it's possible they might come back and murder us as soon as they find a weapon?

Oh well, doesn't matter. Time to start anew. We start fresh and we both spawn just outside a big city, unsure of which ones though. I'm making my way on the outskirts and after recognizing a few buildings I recognize I'm at Elecktro...whatevers. I hear gunshots in the distance and stay vigilant. Then over vent Kev is muttering about being low on ammo and zombies are still coming. Apparantly he was lucky enough to already pick up a double-barrel shotgun. But he got tagged and lost a lot of blood and is holed up in a station building that has a tower that is basically a stairwell with an attached warehouse that recognize as a power station.

As he states there was another zombie, I hear another gunshot, so I ask him if that was him firing. The whole time I been hearing his gunshots. He and I spawned on opposites sides of Elektro. Sweet, so I make my way toward the power station on the outside only to find it empty and after talking to Kev found out that he was at another one inside. Before meeting up with him I loot a supermarket picking up an ALICE pack, an M1911, an extra makarov that i throw in the ALICE pack, a Map, compass and watch. I also have a Remingtion Pump action shotgun with no ammo, yay, only because I chose it over the crossbow with 1 bolt, minus the bolt since I couldn't find it to pick it back up after shooting a zombie in the head.

After looting the market I meet up with Kev, distribute some foods and we make our way to the hospital where I administer the much needed blood transfusion he needed and pick up extra supplies. Next to the hospital is another building and I see through the window another ALICE pack. So we hit that spot only to find it unable to be picked up. I don't remember what happened first but at this point I had to shoot a zombie but we also here a gunshot. When the gunshot was fired that wasn't from me, both Kev and I shout over vent, "was that you?", and we both respond "no, not I". At which point we decide it was not safe to stick around. We figured whoever it was heard ours and was possibly making their way toward us. So we bolt and make for some trees where we dealt with a few zombies but was able to get free and eventually watch the town for player movement.

After seeing a swarm of zombies go into one building we wait a bit then hit up the supermarket, this time together. Kev picked up an ALICE pack and a Lee Enfield that he tossed in the ALICE pack for Darraxus should we meet up with him. And at this point we considered ourselves well stocked and head to Chernogorsk so we can get that Construction building where we wait once again for all three of us to log on and continue our journey. Only this time we won't just have mere Hatchets.

EDIT: HOLY WALL'O TEXT BATMAN! Fixed, had it in HTML mode and not compose. So all the breaks it looked like I was putting in in reality was not being put in.

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