Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Bulleted Zombie Update

Firstly, check out these detailed posts by my buddy Darraxus.
  1. Scavenging to Survive 
  2. To the End of the Road 
  3. WoW and DayZ
 Now that y'all are caught up to these events. After everyone logged off I kept playing. finding a night server. I decided to hit up the Hangers and Military tents. At some point actually encountered a player who was actually friendly. We went off our seperate ways. Well folks, I have something for you.

Yeah, I died. I had no backup, and it was dark, but the spawns inside those military tents were being brutal and I got overwhelmed thanks to a unlucky throw of a flare when I was trying to throw a tin can. Also, it got very laggy for me so I couldn't shoot for shit. From here, let's enter bullet mode.

Thursday Night.
  • Spawned near Cherno
  • Regeared myself with an AKS-74 Kobra  and Revolver.
  • Picked up ALICE pack and extra G17 for teammate without a pistol.
  • Back to Balota Airfield and log off just outside in some trees.
Friday Night
  • Logged in next to teammates, hooray for guessing their logoff positions correctly.
  •  Encountered unarmed survivor that wouldn't leave us alone, even after telling him to go away.
  • Shot unarmed survivor in leg to send a message.
  • Snipers took 2 of us out while messing with Military Tents.
  • Found they were Ghosting. Exploiting Douchebags. I spotted someone and as soon as they spot me his body goes limp as if dead then dissappears.
  • Immediately get fired upon by survivor but bandaged up and lived.
  • Sniper fire ceases, our two killed teammates make their way back and pick up their shit.
  • Leaving Airfield we find a tent camp, likely their for respawning. We loot it all, thank you owners.
  • Make our way north, time to move on and away fromt he coast. 
  • Found a Zombie trap, a little building with a Zombie on a 10 second spawn timer. 
  • I shot a teammate due to crossfire. Tis no problem, thanks to camp tent, plenty of blood bags.
  • Rubberbanding issues and barn checks, it's time to call it a night.
  • AFTER some experimentation with zeroing in on My AKM that I eventually picked up to replace the Kobra. Also replaced Revolver with M1911. I just like that gun.
  • Then watched videos on YouTube.
All in all, we lived to fight another day regardless of the Douchebag Ghost exploiting Sniper Jackwagons.
Anyways, here's what I've been finding on YouTube.

Also, check out these channels.
Acebane21: He's got some interesting videos. Not just entertaining but informational. Like his Reviews of the various weapons. Especially the Sniper ones, they help a lot with what to expect when longshotting.
EireBornFenix: Also has informational videos with images of what too look for. And it's thanks to him that I finally find a good site for Chernarus Maps @ I had one before but it's a huge file and is so slow to load and zoom and scroll around.

I've literally kept replaying this one a couple dozen times. I love the sigh.

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