Thursday, July 26, 2012

DayZ: Never Give Up

   Not that I haven't thought about giving up in my current predicament in DayZ. But when times get tough you have two choices, take the easy route(kill yourself and start over) or push forward. Lets back step a bit and explain. I have been taking chances and hopping on to night games. Often bearing glorious fruit, but followed with disaster. Latest disaster occured when I hit the NW Airfield on a night server. I didn't die by players, but lag and zombies got me. The airfield was a bust, barracks and hangers already looted, so leaving the airfield I must of stepped on a bear trap or something because out of nowhere, I break my leg. That's cool, a bandage and morphine later i'm moving through a town. DISCONNECTED. Right in the middle of the  street. Log back in and i'm automatically running and zombies aggro then knock me unconscious and eat me. I AM DEAD. Which brings me to my latest adventure.

   Let's look at what I've done.
  1. Spawned and tried something different, straight North run. Problem is I didn't properly figure out what was where and I ran West and when I hit the end of the map, turned north and tried to run a but North east. The whole time it is raining.
  2. I've got a cold and am losing blood. On top of that I'm getting hungry and thirsty. Time to find civilization. Passing through Sosnovka and Zelonogorsk, I find myself some warmth, food and waters. I've still got a cold, but am doing okay at 7k health. I aggro some zombies and run for a barn picking up a Double Barrel Shotgun.
  3. I'm on the bottom floor of the Barn checking behind some stuff when I see a train of zombies running up the stairs above me. I run out and see two players above me, before they can shoot me I decide to shoot them. Lag sets in, nothings happening, I shoot them again, zombies dissappear then finally their bodies fall dead. They were ALT+F4ing. Too bad for them I was there and wasn't taking any chances having been ghosted before. One was decked out with food, Raw Meat, an M4A1 which I pick up. The other, starter gear, obviously shadowing the first guy to get kitted up. After looting these guys.... I miss the stairs down and break my Leg. Crap. I ultimately decide to crawl south back to Kamenka where I know a buddy stationed there with Morphine. this was probably an 1.5-2.0 hour crawl. Constantly checking my six and occationally killing a pig for meat to get my blood up.
  4. Several days later, buddy and I just don't get on and get my leg mended. I decide its time to risk it and look for Morphine, Heading to Chernogorsk, I check a deer stand on the way, almost killed a player except he got a free pass because he didn't see me or shoot at me and kept on moving and eventually getting frustrated that after such a long time crawling I only was about to hit Komorova, I contemplated killing myself and respawning. Probably would have been easier to do so and get kitted up exactly like I was faster. But instead I push forward.
  5. I find a bike, at which point I say screw Cherno, lets's head North where I have other buddies that can patch me up. So I ride, stopping at Green Mountain only for heartache and pain. I love how with a broken leg I can't walk, but I can climb ladders and Ride a Bike. Not really gonna argue with it. I am moving fast and I like it.
  6. Green Mountain was Heartache because there is nothing and in my crawling state I couldn't get into the tower to climb up. Pain, due to crappy buggy system, I, if i hadn't already had broken legs, would have broken legs again, but still caused some bleeding and through lag had a hell of a time patching it up. 
  7. I hop back on bike and ride on, only to encounter a SERVER RESET, which made my new bike disappear. I'm thinking the bike belong to an Admin and when he saw it was gone  he manually reset the server hoping it'd go back. If that's the case, too bad for him, I saved it at the Green Mountain. So now I am crawling again. I find a cow, butcher it and replenish my cooked steaks. I see colors vibrantly again and eventually make my way to a nice spot somewhat near where my budies were last located.

  8.    This days crawl probably lasted 2-3 hours. If anything I've learned patience with this game andthough I have thought about giving up several times, I have persevered. Hopefully all this pays off and I get my legs mended soon. 
Until than, later folks.

Also, thanks to my buddy Darraxus for getting me the [Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger]

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