Monday, July 9, 2012

A Hunter's Weekend.

There was no DayZ fun to be had this weekend. That is on hold for the time being. So what did I do then? Well, for starters, I've started watching Burn Notice on Netflix. Another show that I sometimes enjoyed the few times I caught it, but yet, never allowed myself to make time to catch it every week. As far as shows that I absolutely will watch weekly, that method belongs to How I Met Your Mother. Everything else I can wait for Netflix/Hulu or DVDs.

  What about gaming? This is a gaming blog right, so what games did I play. Well, I played World of Warcraft of course. And as the title suggests, I mostly played my Hunter. Now, when I first made the decision to finally get my Hunter to 85, I had absolutely no intention of gearing him up. I just wanted to get him to a level where if I had encountered a rare tameable spawn, I'd be able to tame it.

   But late one friday night I finally found a possible Transmogrification set that I'd actually be happy with for him. Only one of the pieces belongs to the season 11 PvP set and since I don't PvP, my best bet is Valor to Conquest trade. So that's it folks. I've spent my weekend first gearing him up to the point he can run the Twilight Dungeons, skipping the horrific regular set of Heroics and maxing out my weekly Valor point collection. Now all I need is to wait for the reset then I'd be ready to share my Hunter's transmog look.

   Also, I manage to pick up a few rare spawns on Bradailann. My favorite being the Metal Panther from the Firelands whom I've renamed Ravage. Honestly the only truly suitable name for a metal cat.

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