Saturday, June 30, 2012

Survival at it's best.

   I find myself on a beach, exposed with nothing but a Flashlight, bandage and some painkillers. I walk up a hill to get a look around and see a construction site outside an industrial city. As I make my way towards the skeleton of a building I hear a fire crackling which puts me on my tip toes. Sneaking through the building I find it's been deserted, a barrel fire left unattended surrounded with barbed wire fencing. Soda left all over, they must have left in a hurry. Their loss is my gain. I find a hatchet in the stairwell as I make my way to the rooftop to scout the city. In the middle of all these rusted earthy toned buildings I spot a clean looking white building. Could it be a hospital? Only one way to tell. But first, there is a cow and I'll soon be hungry. After severing the cows spine with my hatchet for a quick clean humane kill I cook the meat up and store it in my bags for my journey.

   I make my way for the city, crouching through the field and next thing I know I'm being chased by a zombie I didn't see, I stand up and bolt, finally finding a spot to take a stand I turn around hatchet in hand... Hatchet IN HAND?! "Where is my Hatchet!", I screamed. Hands fumbling, I grab the first thing I find and throw them at the zombie, one after another, the flares I picked up at the building, sizzling in a red light litter the ground around the zed. It knocks me on the ground, where I find my Hatchet, I grasp the handle, blood running down my hands, I raise it up and smack the zombie in the head as he leans down to finish me off. I'm bandage my wounds but the damage is done,  my leg buckles when I try to stand. I had broken my leg in the struggle and I've lost a lot of blood.

   Now I'm crawling through the city, afraid to stand as I hear zombies all around and a gunshot every now and then. I could call for help, but I don't know who is out there. Can I trust anyone else? I decide I'm better of with the zombies than any other survivors and keep crawling in the same direction. I find a small one room building and as I try to get up to get into the building I open up my wounds and start bleeding again. With no more bandages I remember the steaks I cooked up. If I'm gonna die now, I'm gonna have myself a good meal first. Careful not to bleed all over the food and soda, I prop myself up against the wall and have my last meal, in the middle of which, I stopped bleeding. But now I'm weak, no matter how much food I've taken in, I've lost too much blood and I've lost color in my sight and everything is blurred. It's time to move on, I have no other choice. I crawl through the city making my way through the streets toward the clean looking building.Eventually making my way into its window shattered rooms I find more bandages and painkillers, but nothing else that would help and I pass out.

   Coming to, I reapply the bandages to my previous wounds and crawl around the area hoping to find something since the hospital was a bust. I am now losing hope, I can't find anything that would help and I've lost so much blood that I'm passing out all the time. Should I just give up, there, a zombie, I get up on my good knee and yell out at the zombie, "Hey zombie, I'm over here, come get me" but he ignores me. I must not be much of a meal for it. I sigh and decide maybe I missed something at the hospital. Once back at the hospital I spot something behind the desk that I didn't see before, a cardboard box marked with stickers "Medical Supplies". I never crawled faster in my life, I open the box and "HALLELUJAH!". Morphine, Bandages and Blood Packs oh my. First things first I inject myself with morphine and now I can stand to walk again. This will make getting out of this hell hole easier. I fill my bags with all the morphine and blood packs I can, a few bandages as well then begin my trek out of here.

   It's time to decide where to go and what to do. I need to find my friends as I need them to administer the blood transfusion now that I have blood packs. But don't know where to start.looking for them. I figure the construction site would be a good place to start as there was a tall crane I could climb to look around. Vision still a blur I make my way out of the city the same way I came. I see the railroad tracks, good I'm going in the right direction. Then still low on blood I pass out again. Coming to I see a shadowy blurin the distance on the railroad tracks, not moving like a zombie and heading my way. No, it can't be, after all this trouble am I still gonna die because a player wants all the goods I got from the hospital? I decide it's best not to stand and crawl toward the construction building, whoever it was on the tracks couldn't have seen me. As I near the building I hear someone, talking coming from inside the building on one of the lower levels.

   I don't know how to explain my next thought, but I decided to head up the stairs, maybe I was hoping to find a gun, something better to defend myself against other people. Or maybe I was hoping whomever was possibly following me and whomever was also in the building would take eachother out. I just didn't want to be in between them. As I get to the upper levels I can hear the first voice get joined by a second and they seem friendly to each other. They are talking about someone they just saw crawling toward here, they are talking about me. Not knowing who they are or what they want with me I start thinking of a way out of here, staying just can't be..... And I pass out.

   I wake up to find my buddy Darraxus standing over me, vision as clear as day. He tells me that he saw someone crawling to this building and found our buddy Kev already here keeping warm by the barrel fire down below. How they found me on the roof unconscious with a bag of medical supplies and then adminstered the blood transfusion I needed. I asked where Kev is at to find that he went out to scout the area but it's taking a bit longer than they expected. So now, alive and fully well, we wait for Kev to get back. If he doesn't get back soon though, we will begin our search for our friend.

   And to think, I was on the brink of death and have thought of giving up several times. But all you need is hope, hope that tomorrow brings a new dawn. Without hope, you'll never survive.

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