Monday, June 4, 2012

Development Hell

   I haven't been talking much about it, but I have been playing Diablo 3 most of the time lately. As it stands, my routine after work is to log on to World of Warcraft to check mail, relist auctions and do my quick Heroic Burning Crusades Transmog run. Then it is on to Diablo 3 which for the most part has been pretty casual. My buddy Darraxus is already 60 on his Barbarian and is working through Inferno. Another buddy of mine and myself have been slowly working through Nightmare together on our Demon Hunters.

   Well, this weekend we finished Nightmare with the help of Darraxus, he was bored and would hop on whenever he saw us actually playing. We also put in some time on some lower level characters. But I digress, what came next for us after we beat Diablo on Nightmare, was a break time, but not until I hopped into Hell mode to pick  up some Tome of Blacksmiths and the remaining few bars to hit the next level. It was here though, when Darraxus and I found Development Hell as one of the three dungeons in the Cemetary of the Forsaken. This place is filled with monsters that are all named after the folks who worked on the game. In here we managed to get an achievement for killing Game Director Jay Wilson. I love neat moments like these.

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