Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Beginning DayZ

You wake up on a beach with just a bandage,painkillers and a flashlight in a foreign land filled with zombies. What do you do? Go!

Before my buddies joined in on the action I hopped in and had a lengthy survival round compared to the 31 minute average life expectancy as posted on http://dayzmod.com/, where I lasted about an hour and a half. Problem was, I could not find any weapons whatsoever. I made it to a small town that was littered with zombies, I said awww hell no and went into the forest. Eventually I came to a clearing where I spotted a deer stand and a few hunter zombies. I slowly made my way around the clearing several yards into the forest tree line and took the one small opportunity to check the deer stand to find it full... of ammo, but none of the weapons said ammo fits in. At that point a zombie came shambling across the ladder so I dropped prone and lay in wait, eventually when I didn't hear the zombie anymore I climbed down and booked it.

At this point I felt I had to do something substantial so I went back to that small town found a couple buildings, found them empty then holed up and took a break for dinner. After dinner I came back to still find the buildings empty and as I was leaving, ZOMBIE, and queue the train as I run and run only to be tripped up by fence. Didn't quite know how to go over small fences, so my face got eaten. I played several more rounds but none lasting as long as that first and then for the most part just waited so I can play with friends. So, for a look at what we've done so far together, check out Darraxus and his DayZ posts. I'm Fettsbounty by the way. One thing I will say, for a game that isn't non stop action like, say, CoD or Halo, it is INTENSE. Also, check out these playlists.
DayZof our LiveZ
The DayZ Ahead

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