Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3 Peak time issues.

So I've been playing pretty much all day off and on, haven't had any issues. Until about an hour ago. It's basically the peak time when everyone is off work home from school and all wanting to play. So all i can say is at least I had time in the day to get some Diablo 3 in. I got my Demon Hunter to level 16 and have so far enjoyed playing with a different set of skills than what I've gotten used to the the Beta Demo. Right now I am rolling with  the Grenades(unruned so far), Impale with the 2 second bleed, the unruned Shadow Power that allows you to absorb 20% damage as health and Vault with the rune that has you shoot while vaulting. Ya know, this is easier.
 Demon Hunter as of 6:41pm 5/16/12

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