Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name

   This is another simple post. One that I have talked about in my introduction. But lets break this down anyways. So here you go, in an order which allows me to give background before explaining the whole thing.
But first, lets jump.

   Not much to say about this other than the definition.
3.(used with or as part of a title): the Duke of Wellington; the Reverend john smith.

   I like to play video games. Doesn't matter if they are on the consoles or PC. Choice of system is actually determined by my mood and how I feel I will spend my time playing such games. Such as on my Xbox 360 playing games that for the most part, only I will be playing with maybe a slight chance of some online play with friends, but otherwise online play spent with random folks. Examples include Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed Revelations and/or Mass Effect 3.

   My PC gaming is pretty much a social behavior. Where I can hop onto Ventrilo and chat with my friends, especially those who do not have an Xbox 360 and are out of state. Like http://darraxusthewarrior.blogspot.com/ with whom we've spent a many hours running dungeons in World of Warcraft and most recently, blasting and/or being blasted by folks in Modern Warfare 3. Recently I've also picked up Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC mainly because I know it's a game I will be investing a lot of time in and would like to do so while also chatting with my friends. Which brings me to...

   This is the meat of it, the one word that quickly lets people know that no, this isn't just a World of Warcraft blog like I used to have. I decided on The Indecisive Gamer because I have literally sat at my computer, hovering my mouse over 3 or four different game icons not knowing what I wanted to play. I have on several occasions gone from my computer to my Xbox 360, started up a game, play ten minutes then quit just to go back to the computer.

   I want to play all my games, but at the same time I sometimes have a hard time deciding what I want to play. Sometimes I want to play a console game, but wanted to be on the computer because I felt like chatting with my friends on Ventrilo. A new scenario that has come up is the fact that I really want to play Star Wars The Old Republic, but I have friends who gave up on that game and has since gone back to World of Warcraft. I can say for a fact, I never missed World of Warcraft, but I did missing running instances with my friends, so instead of loading up The Old Republic, we've been running around leveling or Characters Formerly Known As Lowbies on World of Warcraft.

   A lot of the time it's the social aspects that create my indecisions when it comes to gaming. But other times I just don't know what it is I feel like playing and have occasionally ended up just watching Netflix.

   Well, there you go, another simple post, made not so simple by yours truly.


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