Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 03 – Your first day playing World of Warcraft

    I did not get into World of Warcraft right away. I remember it coming out, and thinking yeah I might try that game, but never did. My friends talked about trying it, but never did. Then one Wednesday night, a particular episode of South Park aired and it was enough.

    At that point it was over for me. I remember less about the first day of playing World of Warcraft, and more about the events surrounding it. I quickly picked up the free trial, quickly deciding on the Rogue class as I've always been about sneaking around and playing with knives. I probably created 3 or 4 different Rogues before settling on a Dwarf. I didn't know about the race stat bonuses, but when I read up on it weeks later I went back to the Night Elf.

    But I digress, back to the topic, I really don't remember the first day of playing the game. What I do remember is after I played World of Warcraft Thursday I knew I had to get the game. After work on Friday I went to Best Buy and picked up the full game calling up my friend to tell him he has to do the same and how it was because of the World of Warcraft South Park episode that I even gave it a try. His response was that he was doing the same exact thing, that he was currently starting the free trial.

    Yeah I know I cheated a little bit, but there really wasn't much to remember about the first day playing World of Warcraft other than creating several Rogues and seeing a little of each starting area. But that just isn't as interesting a post.

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