Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 04 – Your Best World of Warcraft Memory

As anyone who has put so much time into a game would know, there are just too many awesome moments and memories it's difficult to just say there is one that is best. For me there has to be maybe two memories that could share as my best memory. Both of them actually in Loch Modan.

The first was when I first rolled my Rogue as a Dwarf. I was out questing in Loch Modan with my buddy. At some point we got split up, if I recall I went to go vendor some junk and I was so excited to get several silver for the Linen Cloth I didn't care to use. Then on my way to meet back up with my buddy, This Paladin came riding up on his Horse and I was in awe. He says to me he rarely ever sees a Dwarf Rogue, then just gave me 2 gold and rode off in the horizon. I was so excited about it I quickly told my buddy and even give him half of it. It's not only that we were new and 2 gold meant a lot because we had none. But this was in a time when you would be considered well off even if you only had 20 gold.

My second memory is after both my buddy and myself had decided to start new characters. His Dwarf Hunter and my Night Elf Rogue, with whom I trekked all the way from Darnassus through the hellacious Wetlands to get to Loch Modan and level with my buddy. We picked up a friendly Priest and worked our way through the zone, eventually getting to Stonewrought Dam. We were having such a blast that when we got to the Dam, we all peered down, and I said to everyone "Let's jump!". And on a count of 3 we all jumped, I had used Sprint though and cleared out to the water, sadly the Hunter and Priest did not. Throughout the leveling process I had grouped up with the priest as we had a made our first friend with a stranger on World of Warcraft only losing touch when we Transferred Realms. But that day also marked the beginning of a trend that involves me constantly jumping and falling to my doom in World of Warcraft.


  1. You and falling deaths are the thing of legend. Including the times that you didnt mean to like in Underbog the other day.

  2. I don't know what you are talking about. I totally planned to Blink past the Sanguine Hibiscus while running and end up running off the edge and being fish food.