Friday, April 13, 2012

A week off of blogging

   I have been busy with my gaming that I just haven't put time into blogging. So my 20 days of blogging has taken a break this week.

   Basically what had happened was the Noblegarden festivities began in World of Warcraft. This is a holiday I have been very much looking forward to on my Mage. I had already done the holiday for the Polymorph Tome: Rabbit and the bunny ears which should totally be transmogrifiable for my Green-Mohawked Gnome Mage.. But when Cataclysm rolled around and new Gnome starting quests were introduced, I deleted him and made a new clone just to get a taste. So I spent my time doing the Noblegarden for my Mage.
   And then I needed to do it for my main achievement hunter Occeleta to get the new mount. After that was done, I had an idea to check where I stood  on the Mountain o' Mounts achievement and it turned out I was at 94. I did a quick character look-up on to find out there were a few vendored mounts I could buy and that the easiest 3 remaining mounts to get would be the PvP mounts. So I have been busy with that and thankfully have finally gotten my achievement of 100 mounts.

   After that I had gotten a Diablo III Beta Invite last night, which I quickly responded with downloading the Beta Client and playing for a few short minutes before calling it quits to get some sleep for work. And that brings me to tonight, I've already played through level 10 on the Witch Doctor with one of my buddies and can say I love the game and can't wait for the full release. I am only finding time to blog as we are having a dinner break and waiting for three of us to get back on and enjoy running through on diferent classes, this time as a Monk. Anyways, Netflix time.

P.S. 20 Days of Blogging will resume next week.

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