Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

First there is work. I work a 7:00-3:30 job Monday through friday. After work I basically just get home and hop on the computer and fiddle around with the Blogging or watch some Netflix for an hour or two. Then I hop onto whatever game I am playing for another hour then it is dinner then back to gaming. Or at least that's the 50/50 of my usual day. If I don't manage that routine, it's usually because I came home, hopped on the computer for an hour then took a nap for any number of hours. Weekends are up in the air. Sometimes I'm gaming till early in the morning and sleeping all day. Sometimes I'm in bed early and gaming early in the morning. Sometimes I'm out with friends with little gaming done at all.

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