Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 14 – This upsets you

Another quick and easy one to catch up on for Thursdays missed post.

For this I could pretty much copy  part of Day 13's post with a slight alteration.

"Players who are so damn selfish and impatient like those spoiled by the ways of Wrath content and it's chain pulling mass AoE ways  and are so obsessed with being top in the meters and wanting to kick out those who aren't and/or harass them any which way the can. Simply put anyone who is a DOOOOOUUUUCHE!"

   To expand upon this, It's upsetting to see people so greedy and thoughtless about other peoples needs, wants and/or feelings to the point they just have to verbally assault others instead of just playing the game and moving along. It always brings me to a comic from Penny Arcade that I regularly point out because it's so true.
   To add to this is the idea that there are people who isn't a "Normal Person" is already an Asshat to begin with. That would kind of make it so the Formula is actually more like ...

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