Sunday, April 29, 2012

Phosphorescent Stone Drake

   Some may be thinking "Say what?" but others may know that this is a rare mount, and it's MINE, ALL MINE! In World of Warcraft there are creatures that are rare, and they drop better loot. Then there are the super rare that instead of dropping some blue gear that might be helpful but is likely just Auction House fodder, they drop something highly desired and is often camped for.

   So it was my lucky night when I found Aeonaxx <Mate of Aeosera> which drops the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. And to think I was merely going into Deepholm to do some ore farming on my farmer alt Druid to make some plate gear for my level 82 Warrior. It was to my surprise when I ported into Deepholm that my addon NPC Scan went a blaring and I quickly logged out, almost too quickly as I almost /quit instead of /logout. Then I logged back in on my main character with whom I happened to already reach 100 mounts on and included Deepholm in search of Aeonaxx as part of my routine when I was trying to get to 100. The whole time I just held my breath and hoped he wasn't dead already.

   So I ported in, mounted up, flew out of the Temple of Earth and there he was. The best thing about him was that he wasn't a normal mob, he is actually a Vehicle type mob where you click on him ride on his back and kill him as he spawns little minions that are trying to overwhelm you. It is to my disappointment that I didn't think to take screenshots until after the fight was completed. So without any further distraction here they are.

Ding dong the Drake is dead.

And of course the thing to do is head to Stormwind and show it off right? 

   Even had a conversation with someone who has been after Aeonaxx and after finding out that I just got him minutes before he promptly logged off stating he or she is going to bed and set their alarm to wake up in 6 hours as that seems to be the suggested respawn timer. I'm not sure how true that is and also I read a rumor/theory that there are only 2 Cataclysm rares spawned at any given moment. But they were gone before I can tell them and I wished them good luck and came here to brag blog about it.

He She They. This is something that I always think about when talking about other people in World of Warcraft as I don't like to assume genders. It's easy to just assume male and it would make for easier blogging, but it's not how I roll as witnessed in the last paragraph.

Also also:
   I am pretty sure once my friends wife who absolutely loves everything in World of Warcraft that is purple, who upon seeing this mount is going to go nuts, and will probably try and get him to camp Aeonaxx on her character for her. Sorry buddy.

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