Saturday, June 30, 2012

Survival at it's best.

   I find myself on a beach, exposed with nothing but a Flashlight, bandage and some painkillers. I walk up a hill to get a look around and see a construction site outside an industrial city. As I make my way towards the skeleton of a building I hear a fire crackling which puts me on my tip toes. Sneaking through the building I find it's been deserted, a barrel fire left unattended surrounded with barbed wire fencing. Soda left all over, they must have left in a hurry. Their loss is my gain. I find a hatchet in the stairwell as I make my way to the rooftop to scout the city. In the middle of all these rusted earthy toned buildings I spot a clean looking white building. Could it be a hospital? Only one way to tell. But first, there is a cow and I'll soon be hungry. After severing the cows spine with my hatchet for a quick clean humane kill I cook the meat up and store it in my bags for my journey.

Friday, June 29, 2012

What Have I been up to?

   Well unfortunately, not been playing games much. I've fallen back into the bad habit of falling asleep after getting home from work. Then waking up after midnight leaving me with no one else to play with. Not to mention I just picked up Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-4 on DVD so I'm finally getting around to watching the show. I've always been interested in watching the show, but just never gave myself the time to watch it on TV. I am thoroughly enjoying the show. So my routine is, get home, eat dinner, fall asleep, wake up late at night and watch Big Bang Theory. Maybe I might go back to sleep for an hour or two before work, but there has been a night or two where I just stayed up the rest of the night. Also I have been fitting in some YouTube videos about the various games I have found interest in as of late. Just last night, I've discovered a most entertaining Let's Play Minecraft done by the guys of Roosterteeth, creators of the awesome Red Vs. Blue show.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Beginning DayZ

You wake up on a beach with just a bandage,painkillers and a flashlight in a foreign land filled with zombies. What do you do? Go!

Before my buddies joined in on the action I hopped in and had a lengthy survival round compared to the 31 minute average life expectancy as posted on, where I lasted about an hour and a half. Problem was, I could not find any weapons whatsoever. I made it to a small town that was littered with zombies, I said awww hell no and went into the forest. Eventually I came to a clearing where I spotted a deer stand and a few hunter zombies. I slowly made my way around the clearing several yards into the forest tree line and took the one small opportunity to check the deer stand to find it full... of ammo, but none of the weapons said ammo fits in. At that point a zombie came shambling across the ladder so I dropped prone and lay in wait, eventually when I didn't hear the zombie anymore I climbed down and booked it.

At this point I felt I had to do something substantial so I went back to that small town found a couple buildings, found them empty then holed up and took a break for dinner. After dinner I came back to still find the buildings empty and as I was leaving, ZOMBIE, and queue the train as I run and run only to be tripped up by fence. Didn't quite know how to go over small fences, so my face got eaten. I played several more rounds but none lasting as long as that first and then for the most part just waited so I can play with friends. So, for a look at what we've done so far together, check out Darraxus and his DayZ posts. I'm Fettsbounty by the way. One thing I will say, for a game that isn't non stop action like, say, CoD or Halo, it is INTENSE. Also, check out these playlists.
DayZof our LiveZ
The DayZ Ahead

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I want a Diamond Shotgun :(

I'm still here. I've just been, distracted, a little. Thanks Minecraft.

   I've got to say is I got bit by the Minecraft bug and there's been no shaking it. I"ve died a many deaths and lost a many diamond thanks to carelessness around lava. My most painful one would be the time I had found the motherload of diamonds in a small area. After collecting it all I made a Diamond Pick and a Diamond Sword and still had 20 Diamond gems left. But it was 3:00am and I had to get to bed for work at 7:00am, but could not find my way out due to poor torch placement. I started rushing around and got to a point where I saw a lava pool that looked familiar and what looked like some blocks directly blow to drop down to. Problem is, It was just a bridge a couple squares past where I had already started dropping down to.

   Folks, look before you leap. I'm telling you now, I've learned this the hard way, just because it looks like it's safe, it just might not be, and I will always remember this because of all that glorious diamond I lost. I have not found much diamond since. Anyways, that's what I've been doing. What about y'all?

Also, Check out Paulsoaresjr on YouTube as he's got a whole slew of Minecraft videos of various entertaining sorts. I've learned a lot from his Tutorials but am enjoying his other videos where he just plays through the game, some games on seperate maps. When I'm not playing Minecraft, I"m probably wathcing his videos.
Also also, he's got me interested in the DayZ mod for Arma II: CO

Friday, June 8, 2012

Uhoh. I've just Minecrafted.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been around, i'm late to the game, blah blah. Truth is, I tried to give it a shot some time ago but I couldn't get the game to run. Maybe it was because it was a demo of the beta or something like that. So I gave up on it. It wasn't until last night after watching Netflix on my NetfliXbox that I decided to check out the Arcade games and play the trial figuring this would be my chance to finally see what the HULLABALOO has been all about. I've gotta say, I can definitely see where the addiction comes in. It's so simple, It needs no plot, it's just, survival. You start from nothing and build your own little empire so to speak, first a shack to keep the baddies out at night. The trial doesn't last any longer than the first day and night so I couldn't get out much, but It certainly was enough to make me decide to go ahead and pick it up. Anyways, Minecraft here I come. A little something for beginners. Like me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Save your gems! D3 + AC3 Naval Warfare

    I saw this Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview a couple days ago and wanted to comment on the reduced costs of combining the Gems. So unless you absolutely need a better tiered gem, I suggest saving them up. DO NOT waste any more gold otherwise combining them just to combine them. Up until the Flawless Squares it will only take 2 gems instead of 3 and seriously reduced gold fee to combine. So I repeat, save your gems.

 In other news, when first reading the title of this next video, my first thought was "It's gonna be stupid". I was expecting some crappy Tactics style game, not a fully immersed Pirates of the Caribbean style ship combat. After watching this video, I'm friggin love it. It's at

Assassin's Creed 3 Naval Warfare Gameplay - E3 2012 Sony Press

It's at 3:40 when the two ships are approaching each other and once next to each other they both unleash their cannons that along with the cheers of the crowd I was truly excited for this game. I already love the Assassin's Creed series, but now, unlike the Revelations Den Defense mini game that I didn't really care for, I am anxious to play the game. If only they would announce a Collector's Edition for the States as I would eat that up.

Then I found this Gameplay video.

Assassin's Creed III E3 Frontier Gameplay Demo [UK] 


Then I found this Gameplay video which shows a great example of how they are handling the Forests for the Assassin's Creed free movement style. All I can say is...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diablo 3 Q&A Blue Posts Galore

  I'm not gonna copy and paste everything, a simple link will do, so check it out at WoW Insider beeotches.
 I will however comment on a few things.

1. Quote:

Would it also be possible to add an option to completely filter out whites? I've heard arguments that it would diminish the "whoa moment" when a lot of items drop, but simpler gameplay should take priority, imo.

Yea, we agree. We are looking at adding a way to enable players to turn on an option like this in the future.

   Hell yeah. I'm not as bad as a buddy of mine at this, but sometimes when clicking to move around I pick these white trash items up and it's enough. Even more so when a ton of them surround an item I want to pick up and I have to give it a second to make sure I click on the one item I want to pick up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Development Hell

   I haven't been talking much about it, but I have been playing Diablo 3 most of the time lately. As it stands, my routine after work is to log on to World of Warcraft to check mail, relist auctions and do my quick Heroic Burning Crusades Transmog run. Then it is on to Diablo 3 which for the most part has been pretty casual. My buddy Darraxus is already 60 on his Barbarian and is working through Inferno. Another buddy of mine and myself have been slowly working through Nightmare together on our Demon Hunters.

   Well, this weekend we finished Nightmare with the help of Darraxus, he was bored and would hop on whenever he saw us actually playing. We also put in some time on some lower level characters. But I digress, what came next for us after we beat Diablo on Nightmare, was a break time, but not until I hopped into Hell mode to pick  up some Tome of Blacksmiths and the remaining few bars to hit the next level. It was here though, when Darraxus and I found Development Hell as one of the three dungeons in the Cemetary of the Forsaken. This place is filled with monsters that are all named after the folks who worked on the game. In here we managed to get an achievement for killing Game Director Jay Wilson. I love neat moments like these.