Thursday, November 15, 2012

So many cool Necron color schemes.

There were two factors that drew me to choose the Necrons as my army. One would be their common shared ability of Reanimation Protocols, allowing them a chance to come back from the dead. Seeing it in action was what clinched it. I watched  Battle Report of a 1700 point game where the Necron player was able to bring back 460 points worth of models thus making him difficult to kill.
 Second, it's the Necrons standard Black and Green color scheme. With my favorite color being green, and with how sweet the black and green look, it was a clear choice for me.

 However, you do not have to paint your armies the way the boxes look. Most armies have different divisions and different color schemes or you can just make your own, as long as the units represent the units, the colors do not matter. And this is where I am torn. I have seen several different color choices and this is where I am going to share my options since I just can not decide. Pic heavy post, if you are ready for it, hit the break.

First off is the Standard Metals/Green look for Warriors and Black/Green for the vehicles.

Then there is a more worn and rusted Metals look.

Then came a Bone armor look. 

 Or a more cleaner Ceramic Plating look replacing the blues with greens of course.

And this closed auction is the actual set that got me thinking of color schemes other than the standard.

Oh and I almost forgot that replacing greens with Purple became a contender thanks to the World of Warcraft Warlocks Demonic Gateway.

Now on another note, I cut my Lychguards off the sprues and have stored them in this mini Tackle box that works awesomely for a bits box. Next up is sanding the extra plastic off then gluing them together. I can tell already the gluing will be so much easier than the Deathmarks.

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