Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Hobby

I think it's about time for another blog post since it has been a while. This time I'm gonna talk about Warhammer 40k. A miniature war game that can e an expensive hobby. A game that I expressed interest in when my group of friends stepped into a Games Workshop. But also a game I purposely set back down and walked away from knowing how expensive it would be to get into.

Fast forward a month and I get a message from one of my friends saying he just ordered the very same Limited Edition Dark Vengeance Starter set that I previously walked away from. My first thoughts was of the scene in The Big Bang Theory when the guys are at the comic shop and they are shown te new Collectors Edition Cowboy Expansion for the Wizards of Ka'ah card game they play. They all start of calling it ridiculous but then Howard wants one, then Raj wants one and then Leonard chimes in with exactly how I felt about what just transpired with Warhammer 40k. "I hate you and I hate myself, I'll take one too."

So thus began a new expensive hobby. So while he waited for his starter set to come in I did research. I checked out the various armies, priced the different kits and found some videos. Still reluctant to start this game it was the videos that pushed me into it. The game looks damn fun but even better it hit my creative side. I'm probably more looking forward to making the battlefields. Either way I was hooked, picking up the monster Rulebook and eventually decided on the Necrons for my starting army.

This weekend I finally picked up some kits and while taking things slowly due to still maintaining World of Warcraft. I spent this weekend leveling my monks Professions to MoP levels from nothing. Back to Necrons, I started with the Deathmark and Lychguard kits. So far I've only glued together the Deathmark kits and am waiting on painting because honestly I can not decide on a color scheme. There are too many good looking options.

Putting the Deathmarks together have been somewhat of a challenge though as they don't have any means of clipping pieces together. The arms join the shoulder via a ball-joint which at first thought was cool. I was all "sweet, that means I can position them anyway I want!".

But soon reality hit and I found that it just made things difficult because things needs to line up perfectly an without some peg to fit them in I meant the parts were loose. So when i'd have the left arm glued to left shoulder and right arm with gun glued to right shoulder, then when I try to attach left wrist to left hand on gun i would need to do so perfectly or else pull the right arm out of the shoulder. Did you follow that? Either way it was frustrating. My buddy had it lucky as his Dark Vengeance set had all its figures fit together with ease.

Next up are the Lychguards and since they will not be wielding a single item with both hands they should be considerably easier. Anyways here are my unpainted Deathmarks so far as well as a funny WH 40k picture I came across.

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